AK Internet Consulting, Inc.

AK Internet Consulting, Inc. is a Maryland-based media company that specializes in digital properties. We operate multiple digital magazines that garner over 7 million pageviews a month. 

Over 7 million monthly page views

More than 15 expert writers

Over 3000 articles published

More than 50K email subscribers

Our History

Back in 2007, while Aseem was working as a network admin for a small company in Louisiana, he decided to keep track of how he fixed computers, servers and routers. Using the popular Blogger platform, he setup a knowledge-base to help others who ran into the same issues. After a few months and a quick move to WordPress under the Online Tech Tips domain, traffic slowly started building. 

By 2008, Online Tech Tips was getting over 10,000 visitors a day. With a full-time job, Aseem managed to pump out 2 to 3 articles a day while working at night. He began looking for other opportunities to expand his brand and purchased the small, but already built website Help Desk Geek. HDG was different from OTT in that it was more heavily focused on troubleshooting and geared towards a more tech-savvy crowd. HDG was getting a few hundred visitors a day when purchased and slowly grew over time. Today, it reaches almost as many visitors as OTT. 

Finally, in 2010, the network was expanded to include two more purchases: Switching to Mac and The Back Room Tech. Switching to Mac focuses exclusively on Apple products and services such as Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, iOS, OS X, etc. The Back Room Tech is the most technical site and focuses on tips that would be useful for IT professionals, such as networking, servers, virtualization, etc. 

AKIC Management Team

Aseem Kishore
Founder and CEO
Mark O'Neill
Managing Edtior
Ryan Dube
Editor and SEO

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– Aseem Kishore
Blogger, Consultant, Tech Entrepreneur